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Sublimation Printing

What is sublimation?

In scientific terms, Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from a solid state to a gas state. It does not pass through the usual liquid state, and only occurs at specific temperatures and pressures.

Sublimation printing is a design process where inks are transferred onto the product using heat.  The result is permanent and significantly less prone to fading, as the ink penetrates the material instead of simply laying on top like a regular print.  The process is applied to achieve vibrant, all-over, everlasting graphics on awards, apparel and home décor.  It is perfectly suited for printing small or large quantities of designs.  There are two drawbacks to sublimation printing: 1.) these specialty inks can only be applied to products that are specially coated to receive them or synthetic materials; and 2.) white cannot be printed as it is the absence of colors.   

Despite the drawbacks, there are many products that are suitable for sublimation printing including acrylic, aluminum, ceramic tile, glass, leather, polyester fabrics, stickers, wood and more.  Currently, we are working to add stainless steel drinkware to our sublimation lineup. We have a catalog that shows many of these products:

We are constantly looking for new ways to create custom awards and gifts.  That’s why innovation is one of our core values.  The next time you need to preserve a memory or brand with a full color logo, contact the staff at JML Engraving. 

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